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A leaders job is to provide security structure and opportunity. The PackSmith will teach you how to build confidence, a sense of purpose, discipline and trust with your dogs. This is the path to forging an Excellent bond!   

The PackSmith is a veteran owned company that is dedicated to shaping a solid pack.  We use a balanced training style customized to each dog and specialize in functionality gained through IRON FORGED obedience. This produces a beautiful result that you will be proud to show off.    

 Trust is vital when choosing a trainer for your four-legged family member. Our head trainer has not only been handling dogs all of his life but also received a world class education through The Tom Rose School.  

For your dog to learn as much as it can, it needs time in the trainer's shadow. The PackSmith limits the number of dogs in training so that each dog receives the care and attention it needs to be IRON FORGED!


Lucas Smith Head Trainer


Serving Union, MO and surrounding areas







No two situations are the same, so we encourage you to pick our brains on any situation you come across. Fill out the fields below and give a short summary of your situation and our Head Trainer will contact you Personally! 

Just because I’m adorable doesn’t mean I don’t deserve good training


Our Services


Block training - iron forged obedience

Minimum of two weeks living with the trainer. Your dog will receive the undivided attention, timing and consistency of a professional trainer who knows how to motivate your dog properly. This produces the finest obedience.

Personal lessons

Professional training for you and your dog. Personal lessons can produce results similar to the block training with lots of dedication from you!

Group lessons

Training in a group provides socialization and is a fun and cost effective way to train.


Boarding facilities care for your dog while you are away but don't really know him or her.

At the PackSmith we believe that your dog should be boarded with someone who knows and cares about them as much as you do! We take the extra time for TRAINING during boarding instead of just restraining and containing your dog until you return. Your dog will be with someone they know and trust, who gives him/her the time and support needed to understand what is happening and how to behave.

Our bullador, Sable, received top-notch professional dog obedience training from Luke, trainer and owner of Packsmith Training. We are happier pet owners, and she is a much happier pet! The follow-up training and consulting Luke provided helped us feel successful when transitioning and maintaining the obedience training...and Sable loved the sessions!
— Larrinda Witt - Grade School Principle
I was born to be your nose, eyes and ears, your helper and companion. I will be anything you need me to be just lead me
— every dog


Service is the only way to true happiness. Dogs know this. At The PackSmith we find no greater joy

than to help a dog find its purpose and fulfill it. 

 Seriously Solid Dogs!

Seriously Solid Dogs!


The most important thing with a service dog or therapy dog is that they have the strongest obedience. These animals should be the finest example of reliability. The PackSmith's main mission is to achieve the highest level of obedience so that your animal can stay with you under all circumstances. 

 I found him. He was at the bar again...

I found him. He was at the bar again...


Spike bring me my inhaler! Teaching a retrieve is not always difficult but when you need a retrieval to be 100% reliable you want a trainer who can break it down into as many pieces as possible so your service dog will retrieve items reliably when you need them most. 




Training a dog to manipulate objects by pushing and pulling allows dogs to do very complex tasks to help their owner. 

 How Long do i have to do this dad?

How Long do i have to do this dad?


Some conditions come with stability issues or lack of strength in standing. Training a service dog to brace allows the owner to use them as leverage to stand up or keep from falling. 

 Oooo that's the Spot!

Oooo that's the Spot!


Teaching a dog to alert to certain circumstances can be life altering. Barking when a persons blood sugar is too low, or standing on hind legs when a person is about to have a seizure are just a couple examples of the possibilities. 



Regular Obedience is a great way to fulfill your dog both mentally and physically, but it is not always enough for the more driven dogs. Teaching a dog a complete task can bring fulfillment in a way that walking sitting and climbing can never do. Here are some skills that you can train your dog in that will give your dog real purpose.

 I Found you a Bear!

I Found you a Bear!


Tracking is a long and involved process. Making sure to teach ground scenting as opposed to air scenting first in very important. Ground scent work takes a lot of repetition and careful observation of many factors at once. The idea is to build on their natural instinct and shape it to signal you when they have found something. Your dog needs to be well suited for this and must have strong obedience in connection with this. Tracking is mostly involved with felon tracking and search and rescue. This can be an excellent job for your dog, however will require a lot of your time and regular upkeep.

 I Kilt it!

I Kilt it!


Protection training is essentially teaching a dog to run away from the owner and Bite a person taking them to the ground. This is not something that The PackSmith is fond of training, however teaching your dog the basics of protection in relation to a toy can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal when training your dog. Dogs have many drives including chasing, biting, shaking and pulling. Protection style training maximizes all of this, making for the highest value reward that you can achieve with most dogs. Will this teach my dog to bite?  No! in fact by making this process so fun and associating the dog with a specific item, your dog will find little desire to bite on anything other than the toy that you use for training. This training style also makes YOU central to the fun, making you the reward and the toy becomes just a way to interact with you. This sets anyone training there dog up for the most success possible. Schedule a free evaluation to see if your dog has what it takes for Protection Style training!

 Follow This Nose!

Follow This Nose!

scent work

Scent work is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop a great working relationship with your dog. The process is fun and exciting for you both and usually doesn't require any corrections. Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell that can be used to find most anything you can think of. Common scents range from Narcotics, bed bugs, mushrooms, weapons, people to explosives. If it has a Scent a dog can be trained to find it. A quality Scent dog can be associated with 2, 3, 5 scents or more! Call the PackSmith to find out what makes a good scent dog.