Pit Bull Rant

Y'all ready for a rant!

So I just came across a particularly despicable display from a kennel. I don't know if they were trainers or breeders, but I hope only the latter. This was another one of those "don't let them fool you" posts about the supposedly unavoidable aggressive genetics of the APBT (american pit bull terrier). To shorten the story they left 2 APBT's in the same kennel together unattended in their house and came home to a blood bath, nearly losing one of their dogs. This is tragic. No question about it. 


The despicable part comes with the fact that they are using this horrible incident to make wide sweeping generalizations about the breed. If you run into any trainers doing this I humbly suggest finding another trainer. They are using superior logic to defend their argument such as "um there's this thing called GENETICS," and dogs cannot be raised they can only be managed. 

.... (Deep Breath)

These things get me all riled up and I commented on their post and was as polite as I could be without doing a disservice to the viewers who don't have enough background to know who is correct on this subject. 

The fact of the matter is this is a phenomenal display of narcissism. To take the near death of your own dog blame it on the breed and turn it into a "righteous crusade" to educate people on the uncomfortable "facts" of breed characteristics, is reprehensible at best. They use the fact that they failed as proof that there is something wrong with the breed. Worst of all they are using this tragedy to attempt to gain attention and make themselves look good. I am happy to report that they failed miserably!

I gain no enjoyment in trolling comment sections, but when people are misleading people and creating dangerous stigmas that lead to breed specific legislation then I feel it is my duty to make sure their viewers understand the situation more fully. 

I will leave you with some truths as I see them. Feel free to disagree and we can discuss the subject to whatever length is necessary. There are still things that I can learn about dogs, that's for sure, but I am confident enough to discuss it in front of God and everyone. If someone teaches me something I don't know I will be nothing but grateful.


#1 It's always the owner or trainers fault.

If your dog misbehaves in anyway it is because you, and/or your trainer have not put in the work to teach the dog how to behave. Dogs just want to live the best they can in their environment. Every unwanted behavior has some inherent reward built in to it. If you don't make sure that the cost of exhibiting the behavior outweighs (on average over time) the reward then you are informing them through your actions that this behavior is OK.

#2 The dog's, we'll call it, Personality (for simplicity) is more important than their breed.

Do breeds have tendencies? yes, but there is always a huge spectrum of personalities within each litter, and thus each breed. You can have a docile APBT or a savagely dominant one. In fact you can even see the same dog go from one to the other. The same is true with a Golden Retriever. It has far more to do with their leadership (that's US) or lack there of.

#3 Aggression is a symptom of a problem not a personality trait.

Despite the common opinion, there is almost no such thing as a truly aggressive dog. I only have one case in my entire life that could have possibly been considered truly aggressive and we will never know, because the dog was put to sleep. The fact of the matter is that aggression is a symptom of a more inherent problem. There are really only 2 reasons to explain aggressive behavior and that is anxiety and territoriality.  Both of these problems can be solved by good leadership and communication. 


There will be plenty of posts on this blog about aggressive behavior, so we won't get into it all today. Moral of the story is, If you are a trainer, and you are not very good at it, Don't go announcing it on social media. Don't blame it on something else. Take responsibility for your faults and lack of knowledge. Just join the grocers union for now and get some more education and experience before putting any more peoples dogs at risk. I hope you enjoyed the rant. Lead Your Pack!

Luke Smith

The PackSmith LLC