Our Services


Block training - iron forged obedience

Minimum of two weeks living with the trainer. Your dog will receive the undivided attention, timing and consistency of a professional trainer who knows how to motivate your dog properly. This produces the finest obedience.

Personal lessons

Professional training for you and your dog. Personal lessons can produce results similar to the block training with lots of dedication from you!

Group lessons

Training in a group provides socialization and is a fun and cost effective way to train.


Boarding facilities care for your dog while you are away but don't really know him or her.

At the PackSmith we believe that your dog should be boarded with someone who knows and cares about them as much as you do! We take the extra time for TRAINING during boarding instead of just restraining and containing your dog until you return. Your dog will be with someone they know and trust, who gives him/her the time and support needed to understand what is happening and how to behave.

Our bullador, Sable, received top-notch professional dog obedience training from Luke, trainer and owner of Packsmith Training. We are happier pet owners, and she is a much happier pet! The follow-up training and consulting Luke provided helped us feel successful when transitioning and maintaining the obedience training...and Sable loved the sessions!
— Larrinda Witt - Grade School Principle